Our Good Works

A History

This page aims to keep track of our good works as they happen! Check back here to find out about our donations to worthy causes.

Read about our 2015 and 2016 Good Works


The Utah Browncoats showed once again just how mighty we are when we get together! Our annual Can't Stop the Serenity events were a roaring success, with a weekend packed with events and entertainment! A full report can be found over on the 2017 event blog page, but for now, the relevant details are that we raised a total of $4,800.


Browncoats worldwide mourned  when our beloved Shepherd Book passed away. We wanted to honor his memory, and as a result, chose the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center in Los Angeles as the selected charity for our FanX fundraising effort. Ron Glass was a cherished supporter and board member of the Wooten Center for 24 years. The Center exists to support children academically by helping them to prepare for a college education.

In addition to our usual fundraising activities during this event, prior to the movie screening, we held a moment of light and silence in honor of the passing of Ron Glass, who embodied so many roles and was a delight and an inspiration to his fans, his family, and his friends.

 Although our 2017 event was not as tightly packed as previous years, due to the incredible generosity of all the attendees, we are very pleased to announce our highest FanX donation total ever! Bit by bit, and in $2, $5 and $10 increments, we raised a total of $2.600!

Thank you again to SLCC for donating the space and allowing us to put on the screening! We also want to thank the many vendors and artists who have supported these events by donating a seemingly endless array of items and artwork from many different fandoms. Finally, we are so very grateful for both the SLCC volunteer staff and our own hard working volunteers without which we could not be so very successful .

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