Monday, September 28, 2015

CSTS Fort Douglas, Utah

Celebrating Can't Stop The Serenity's 10th Anniversary with a second Utah screening of Serenity at the historic Post Theater at Fort Douglas. A shindig to remember, this event will host 199 seats at an all ages, family friendly venue. We will have our traditional raffle and live and silent auctions at this event also.

CSTS Fort Douglas promises to be a truly epic way to raise funds for Equality Now and Kids Need to Read!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our event!

BEFORE our CSTS event, we are hosting a special panel with ZŌIC Studios' Loni Peristere. 

Loni Peristere, Co-Founder of ZŌIC Studios will be in Salt Lake City conducting a presentation and Q & A session on Saturday, October 10 at 2:00 p.m. at the Fort Douglas Post Theater. 

While you’ve seen their work, you may not realize you’re familiar with it.  Zoic Studios is behind such iconic television work as Firefly, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also True Blood, V, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, and Falling Skies.  Some of their feature film work includes District 9, Zombieland, Spider-Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow, Fast & Furious, RED, and Limitless.

They also do work in commercials, video games, advertising, and interactive online media.  You can view their many projects at

For Loni's Panel tickets:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Utah Browncoats at Salt Lake Comic Con

The Utah Browncoats will once again have a booth at Salt Lake Comic Con, thanks to the generosity of Dan Farr Productions and Salt Lake Comic Con. Look for us in booth #3473, right next to Done the Impossible and across from the Mandalorian Mercs!

Don't forget to stop by our booth to get your tickets for the screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! Now a SLCC tradition, we are one of the favorite ways to end the con! This year, the ticket will cost $2 each, with all proceeds going to our traditional CSTS charity, Equality Now. 

At the Doctor Horrible screening, we will be doing a group photo as "Bad Horse" Minions. We will have a limited number of bandanas and costume moustaches available for purchase at the booth. Please feel free to bring along bowler or cowboy hats to play along! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blue Sun Summer Solstice Shindig

Come out to the shiniest shindig of the summer, and help us celebrate our successful Indiegogo campaign in the way that only Browncoats can! Tickets are available ONLY through the perks listed on the right hand side of the Indiegogo page. We will not be selling tickets at the door, you will need to pre-purchase your entry ticket. 

Come join us for a night of fun and to raise money for the Utah Browncoats Society. We have done a great job this year of raising funds for Equality Now and The Domestic Violence Coalition, however, now we need to raise money for our new organization so that we can complete our 501 (c)3 application among other things! 

So this time we are throwing a shindig like only the Browncoats can! 

Saturday, June 27th
6:30 pm - Midnight
Kafeneio Coffee House 
258 W. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT

Please Note: You can only purchase one Perk at a time through Indiegogo (sorry about that) so you may need to donate more than once in order to get everything you want. So make sure you read through the Perk options carefully, we've tried to put all the options out there. If you need an additional Perk ticket added which is not listed, please email the admin at utahbcs at gmail dot com.

Schedule will be as follows:

6:30 PM - Doors Open
7-10 PM - Firefly The Game Demos
9:00 PM - Kids costume contest
10:00 PM - Live auction
10:15 PM - Silent Auction Closes
10:30 PM - Silent Auction winners announced.
11:00 PM - Big kids costume contest
6:30 PM - Midnight - Raffle and Karaoke will be going all night long!

Dress is casual / cosplay! 

Shindig Events

Karaoke War! 

 The way the Karaoke War works is:  You can throw a buck into the bucket and say "I want JJ to sing Ice Ice Baby". Then JJ will either get up and sing or he can say nope, and throw $5 in the bucket. At which point the person nominating says "OK here's $10, he's singing". We will cap the bidding for each song at $25.00, so whoever hits the $25 mark first gets their way on the singing front. 

 Don't want to sing? You can purchase a Karaoke War Opt Out Perk ahead of time for $10 and we will give you a special tag to wear the night of the event.

Live & Silent Auctions and Raffle

If you've been to a CSTS event, a Doctor Horrible screening, or any Utah Browncoat gathering, you know we are famous for our cool Firefly / Serenity themed loot, and this night will be no exception! 

Costume Contest

We will have a costume contest with two categories, one for the little ones (15 and under) and one for the big kids (16 and over) with prizes for the top three in each category.

Firefly The Game 

If you've ever wondered about playing this game, we will have a series of short demo games going on from 7-10 pm so you can get a taste of this very cool board game. 

We will also have a few vendors on hand with their wares. A portion of the vendor fee goes to support this fundraising event, and a portion will go to Kafeneios.

Food and Drink

Kafeneio's has great food and drinks available and have very been generous in donating the space, so please show them our kindness by purchasing food and drink at the venue.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Utah Browncoats, Cosplay and Charity

Geek Pittsburgh blogger Anthony Letizia was at the 2015 Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, and wrote an article about some of the various cosplay groups in Utah that also participate in charity efforts. We are pleased to say that the Utah Browncoats were mentioned several times.  Hit the link below to read the full article!  Thanks again Anthony!

Salt Lake City, Cosplay and Charity

"There’s even more to a modern day Pop Culture extravaganza, however, as many fan-based organizations have begun using the convention scene as a way to raise both awareness and donations for an assortment of non-profit charities. The Salt Lake FanXperience in January 2015 was no different as the vendor room contained an assortment of local fanclubs to go along with the merchandise on sale, including the Rebel Legion of Star Wars, the Ghostbusters of Salt Lake City, the Utah Browncoats, H.E.R.O.I.C. Inc., the Legacy Initiative and the Kids Heroes Foundation. In addition to cosplaying for fun, members of these organizations don their capes, masks, proton packs and lightsabers for charity events across the state of Utah, combining their love for their respective fandoms with the opportunity to do some good and give back to their communities in the process."


Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Salt Lake City - Can't Stop the Serenity


2015 Salt Lake City - Can't Stop The Serenity 

Saturday, May 16, 2015
8 pm - 1 am

Join us for a great celebration! The 10th Anniversary of Can't Stop the Serenity will be full of shiny Browncoat fun and frolic.

Dress in your best cosplay for our costume contest, brush up on your trivia, and don't forget to stop in early to look at all our great auction items! Watch Serenity in a classic cinema pub and have a great Saturday night out!

Tickets for 2015 CSTS Salt Lake City are now on sale! All proceeds will go to Equality Now, and ticket sales and donations will be handled through our shiny new nonprofit, the Utah Browncoats Society!

2015 Gold Sponsors:
Brewvies Cinema Pub
Author Leo Hopf
Utah Winter Faire 
Awqua Events
Anarchy Girls Cosplay
The Penalty Box

2015 Silver Sponsors 

Night Flight Comics
Ryan Cumberledge

 Donate to the CSTS Event

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10th Anniversary Challenge Coins

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Screening for Charity

****** UPDATED 1/31/2015 ***********

The Doctor Horrible screening was a smashing success, and the final total, including a few last minute donations, came to $1550. The donation will be sent to UDVC this week! We send out a huge thanks again to the team at Fan-X, all of the amazing volunteers both from Fan-X and from our Browncoat family, to everyone who donated items for the raffle, and who helped by selling tickets and keeping things smoothly organized. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Utah Browncoats are awesome!

Because the Utah Browncoats were AMAZING last year (2014) and donated over $5K for Equality Now through several different events, there is currently a compelling need to create a 501c3 nonprofit to manage the donations from the CSTS and affiliate events.

This is necessary so that the CSTS volunteers don't have to funnel funds meant for Equality Now or other charitable causes through their own personal accounts, which could create issues with income declaration or other legal or tax problems.

A 501c3 nonprofit status is also a GREAT thing to have so that we can solicit donations from companies who will donate to groups with tax-exempt status. This also makes it easier for you folks who want to help out, since donations can then potentially be an individual tax deduction for the donor.

This new nonprofit would be in service to the Utah Browncoats and is not in any way intended to be a splinter or separate group. It won't be changing anything about the Utah Browncoats fan group. The Utah Browncoats group here will continue to welcome all people who are fans and who would like to socialize and meet with others who share the love of the 'Verse. There won't be any joining fee or membership, because if you're here, you are already a Utah Browncoat, and that's how it will stay.

The first meeting of this new nonprofit was held on Sunday, January 18th, and the new name is the Utah Browncoats Society. The incorporation paperwork was complete as of January 20th, 2015.
Thank you to all the volunteers for supporting this new venture!