Utah Browncoats are awesome!

Because the Utah Browncoats were AMAZING last year (2014) and donated over $5K for Equality Now through several different events, there is currently a compelling need to create a 501c3 nonprofit to manage the donations from the CSTS and affiliate events.

This is necessary so that the CSTS volunteers don't have to funnel funds meant for Equality Now or other charitable causes through their own personal accounts, which could create issues with income declaration or other legal or tax problems.

A 501c3 nonprofit status is also a GREAT thing to have so that we can solicit donations from companies who will donate to groups with tax-exempt status. This also makes it easier for you folks who want to help out, since donations can then potentially be an individual tax deduction for the donor.

This new nonprofit would be in service to the Utah Browncoats and is not in any way intended to be a splinter or separate group. It won't be changing anything about the Utah Browncoats fan group. The Utah Browncoats group here will continue to welcome all people who are fans and who would like to socialize and meet with others who share the love of the 'Verse. There won't be any joining fee or membership, because if you're here, you are already a Utah Browncoat, and that's how it will stay.

The first meeting of this new nonprofit was held on Sunday, January 18th, and the new name is the Utah Browncoats Society. The incorporation paperwork was complete as of January 20th, 2015.
Thank you to all the volunteers for supporting this new venture!