2023 Good Works

 Our 2023 Good Works!

We donated a total of  $4265 in 2023! 

Check out our Good Works page for other years. 

CSTS Salt Lake City - August 5, 2023

We visited the Den of Thieves and smuggled all the contraband we could carry. A few diamonds the size of.... were present. Our CSTS event for 2023 produced a donation of $2,065 that was donated entirely to VOA Utah for their work with the homeless population in Utah. 

FanX Salt Lake City - September 21-23, 2023

The Browncoats arrived in This Land with a very large ship's cockpit, and an equally large pile of fun! Throughout the event, we raised $2,000 for Bikers Against Child Abuse, and their donation check was presented soon afterward! 

Shawna Trpcic - October 2023

Along with many thousands of other people, the Utah Browncoats were devastated to hear of the loss of the transcendent Shawna Trpcic on October 4, 2023. We made a contribution of $200 to the GoFundMe to assist her family with expenses.