Can't Stop The Serenity 2021


Blue Sun Shindig

Blue Sun Shindig - Saturday, July 17th, 2021 - 4:30 pm 

You can't take the sky from us! 

The shadowy Blue Sun Corporation has taken over our shindig! We are looking for a few intrepid smugglers, mercenaries and assorted folk to help overthrow their control! Infiltrate their company meeting and bring back the secret plans for your underground contacts.

Your group will be rewarded with prizes based on their skill set and/or random drawing. You may also have the opportunity to bid on gear and items which enhance your standing in the underground. 

Join the Utah Browncoats for some heroic misbehaving! 

Our screening will begin at the newly renovated Brewvies theater at 5:00 pm
with doors opening at 4:30 

We'll follow up with our acclaimed auction at Legends after the screening.

If you'd like to blend in to increase your camouflage - get your own Blue Sun apparel on our web store 

Each attendee will get an extra-special goodie bag with our custom event patch! 

Get your tickets today!! Due to COVID restrictions, we are only allowing 75 attendees to account for distancing! Attendees will be responsible for their own vaccinated status but we encourage you to get yours ahead of time. 

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