Celebrating our 5th Anniversary

“Y'all got on this boat for different reasons, but y'all come to the same place.”  On this day five years ago, a small group of determined individuals set out to aim to misbehave.  Around a table sat Halo Cure Smithson, William Pace, Lora Harpster, Cheryl Mattson, Anastasia Thomas, Kapi Love, Jeanie Hebdon Coffield, Brian Wiser, Kerry Gisler, and Mindy Allen.  When the meeting concluded, the Utah Browncoats Society was born.  Since our founding in 2015, we have also had the privilege to work with Rob Rodgers, Brooke Moffatt, Jessica Ross, Mark Woodring, Ashley Mortensen, and Nikki Peterson.

We have done some amazing things in these past five years.  We have established ourselves as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  We have continued our wonderful relationship with Salt Lake Comic Con/FanX®.  Each and every Con we enjoy meeting Browncoats at our booth and appreciate all of our volunteers so very much.  And Dr. Horrible!  “A lot of guy’s ignore the laugh, and that’s about standards.”  You guys.  You guys have standards.

The Can’t Stop the Serenity events each year are such memorable events for many reasons.  Your generosity with the fundraising, JJ’s shouts of “Five dollars!”, and the tireless volunteers we have at the events themselves are more appreciated than we could ever express. We have been able to create beautiful trees to send to the Festival of Trees and raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital.  We had a successful Utah Browncoat Con held in conjunction with our friends at the Nerd Store.  One of the fundraisers you helped us with was to help establish a teen homeless shelter in Utah with the Volunteers of America.  In honor of your generosity, our name is on their wall.

Over the last five years you all have helped us raise $37,480 that we have been able to donate to local and global charities, and we have built our Browncoat family along the way.  Speaking of our Browncoat familiy, this coming May the Utah Browncoats will be celebrating fifteen years!

Thank you for the last five years of helping us become a successful 501c3, and we look forward to many years to come.

The Board of the Utah Browncoats Society,
William Pace
Halo Cure
Anastasia Thomas
Cheryl Mattson
Mark Woodring
Jessica Ross
Nikki Peterson
Ashley Mortensen
Brian Wiser